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Caravanning Made simple for The Blonde Nomads.

In partnership with Camplify.

Ahhhhh – there is nothing like pulling into your camp spot after a road trip – we have finally made it to our destination with excitement and enthusiasm for the holiday that awaits us, all we have to do now is set up…but not today as we are using Camplify!

As we arrive at our chosen caravan park in the beautiful Port Stephens region of NSW we simply check in at reception and drive through to find our camping spot. To our delight there is a Jayco Expanda caravan set up all ready for our arrival. The owners of the van, Amanda and David are making the final touches for us as we introduce ourselves. For the next 4 nights we will be staying in their caravan which they have delivered and set up on site for us as part of our booking with Camplify.


Our home on wheels booked via Camplify



One Mile Beach, Port Stephens

When we heard about Camplify and their business concept of renting out someone else’s caravan or RV (or hiring out your own Caravan when you are not using it), we thought it was genius! With an online directory of available vans you are spoilt for choice. When we booked we were put in touch with the owners of the caravan, Amanda and David and we arranged a meeting time with them, we also had the option to go and pick up the caravan ourselves and tow it to our destination, but we were happy to let the owners look after the van set up so we had more time to enjoy as a family.

Now that we were all set up and unpacked with little effort on our part, thanks to Amanda and David, we wandered over the hill from our caravan park to One Mile Beach for a fun, stress free afternoon.


The Blondies make it to the top of Mt Tomaree


Samurai Beach, Port Stephens

We spent our days in Port Stephens exploring the local water ways, beaches and beautiful walking trails. We visited Tilligerry Habitat (entry is free) and we were lucky to spot a wild Koala asleep in a gum tree thanks to the help of the friendly volunteers. The kids loved the short boardwalk which winds its way through the bush and along the waterfront. We took our time and kept a look out for more Koalas but were happy to spot loads of beautiful birds and busy lizards as we looped our way back to the car park.



Keeping up with the walking theme we headed up to the top of Mt Tomaree the next day. The 2.2km steep walk to the summit was well worth the workout as we were greeted by a sensational view in every direction! With a vista of turquoise water, whales, boats, islands and beaches, we gave the kids a rest and a recharge and enjoyed a mini picnic before we headed back down the mountain, high-fiving other families with young kids making the challenging climb with little ones in tow.


The view from Mt Tomaree


Spotting whales on Mt Tomaree


3 year old Marli climbed the whole way up and back herself!

With car access allowed on some of the local beaches we spent a lot of our time doing our favourite thing – driving up a deserted beach, finding a spot to set up our truck with the sun shade and enjoying some relaxing beach time. We found loads of pippies and enjoyed teaching the kids how to find them before watching them burrow back down into the sand.


Beach play on Samurai beach



With so many beautiful waterways we loved exploring this area and finding new little pockets of paradise. We loved that we could park our adventure truck under a tree, right on the waterfront and enjoy playing, pumping yabbies and looking for beach treasures while our littlest nomad, Ziggy, had his day sleep close by. When we discovered Little Beach at Nelson Bay we all agreed this was one of our favourite spots. We felt like we were on a tropical island with the water so blue and clear and the sand so white, it was heaven!!


Little Beach, Nelson Bay


Little Beach, Shoal Bay


Big Rocky Beach, Port Stephens

Having found what looked like the leftovers of a beach party from the night before we took to the sand and collected as much rubbish as we could. A great concept we follow is from a group called – Take 3 For The Sea, where you simply take 3 pieces of rubbish each time you visit the beach or any waterway… we usually end up taking as much rubbish as we can carry!!


Collecting rubbish – Take 3 For The Sea!

At the end of each day we would retreat back to our ‘home on wheels’ and enjoy the elements of caravanning and camping that we love! Sitting out under the stars at night and watching the sun go down somewhere new after an exciting day is what it’s all about. By using Camplify and choosing a van listed in their directory, in an area we would like to visit, we know we can now explore more areas all over Australia without having to worry about buying a caravan and the storage and costs that come with it.


Bath time caravan style

We can’t wait to explore another region and stay in another Camplify van… Where to next? The options are endless!

For more details visit


Sunrise One Mile Beach


Climbing Mt Tomaree


Big Rocky Beach, Port Stephens


Sunrise runs on One Mile Beach


Tanilba Bay, Port Stephens

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2 Responses to Caravanning Made simple for The Blonde Nomads.

  1. Aaron 1, January, 2017 at 12:57 am #

    Love the Ranger; it looks well set up with the canopy on the rear. Just looked at Camplify; I’m impressed!

    • Tracy Morris 13, January, 2017 at 2:55 pm #

      Cheers Aaron – we love our adventure truck and hate travelling without it!! Camplify is great isn’t it 🙂

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