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Our Lap of Oz

Welcome to our Lap Of Australia page. A place where we will share all things about our adventurous caravan travels.

“Living is a thing you do now or never” and we have made a conscious decision to embrace what matters to us most. We have decided to pack up our house, simplify our lives, escape the hustle and bustle of modern suburban life and hit the road to travel Australia in a Caravan! We chase the sun, swim in the ocean daily, be sandy and sun-kissed, enjoy campfires, go fishing and generally slow ourselves down to enjoy these simple things together.

Scroll below ↓↓ to read all about our amazing adventures in the story feed.

As Ambassadors for Jayco Caravans we are thrilled to be travelling in style in a 22ft Starcraft Caravan – and just LOVE our new home on wheels – Click here for our caravan tour video.

We are also excited to have Kathmandu, BCF, Oztent and Redarc on board to join our adventures as well as being ambasadors for Caravanning with Kids  and Australia’s leading caravan and marine equipment company – CAMEC.

With our love for the outdoors, especially the ocean, we are also excited to be partners with Take 3 (#take3forthesea) for this epic lap of Oz. Take 3 is a non for profit organisation who are on a mission to reduce plastic pollution in Australia and around the globe. We plan to help spread their simple message – Whenever you’re at a beach, waterway or anywhere in the great outdoors, simply take 3 pieces of rubbish away with you and you’ve made a difference. We think this is such a simple message and as a family something we can all take part in as we travel around and explore this amazing country! You can read more about Take3 here.

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Please say hi if you see us on the road and get in touch if you have any questions about travelling with your little ones or if you want to share some must see spots for us to visit.

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Our trip so far –

Kimberley Magic with the blonde nomads

Travel Survival Kit for Outdoor Adventures – What you should pack

When you think of Australian travel and outdoor adventures, dangerous animals and creepy crawlies like Snakes, Spiders or even Crocodiles come to mind!! But the real danger you need to be aware of is when the unexpected happens and you become lost, stuck or injured. Will you and your family be prepared to survive in […]

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Steep Point, why you should explore the most wester point of Australia. A family adventure.

Steep Point… What’s the Point? 

Let those tyres down, tighten up your bra straps ladies and prepare for some jiggling as this is a bumpy adventure that we can’t wait to share with you!  Venturing out to the most Western point of mainland Australia has been a huge highlight of our vanlife travels. We explored this rugged remote coastline, slept […]

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Big Lap Must-haves – our top 12 favourite items for travelling Australia

Life is good! We have been living in our Caravan for 6 months now and it’s safe to say we’re well into the ‘swing’ of things and loving this nomadic lifestyle. We have not only been busy swimming, hiking, surfing, fishing and diving around Oz but we have also had the time to really nut […]

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playdough 2

Play-dough Recipe – a simple recipe for home or travel

Did you know poking, rolling, squishing and mashing playdough helps your little ones develop the smaller muscles in their fingers and hands? It also helps gain strength and improves dexterity – which are all critical areas of physical development for writing, drawing and other important life skills. As a travelling family living in a caravan we […]

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Tasmania's Delights our road trip around Tasmania - Tassie to the left.

Tasmania’s Delights – Road tripping to the LEFT

We had 8 glorious weeks to explore Tasmania in our Jayco Caravan and it did not disappoint!! Tasmania is the perfect touring state with so many amazing places to explore in close proximity. We had so much to share from this adVANture that we have split our story into two. These are our highlights of […]

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Snug Falls tasmania

Tasmania’s Delights – Road tripping to the RIGHT

Dear Tasmania – you have been fab. We love your small town feel and friendly hospitality that greeted us everywhere we went. We love your slower pace approach to life, the abundance of beautiful walks, waterfalls and beaches as well as the magical up-close wildlife encounters! …oh, and the FOOD! Stop it with all that […]

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